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Flanking the eastern coast of the Asian mainland for more than 1,800 miles, Japan – land of contrasts, celebrated culture and electronic wizardry – is the ideal place to explore and celebrate.

Even though the country is an economic powerhouse Japan has held on to its deep cultural heritage and the result is the ultra-modern sitting next to the historic; the state-of-the-art contrasting with the historic. Perhaps nowhere else in the world does this anomaly exist quite so blatantly.

Its distinctive cuisine sets it apart, its literature remains unique and Japanese fashion and popular music are both trendsetters for the rest of Asia. Come and discover the real Japan.

Japan Hotel Recommendations

the b akasaka
the b akasaka
Special Deal, located in the centre of the business, entertainment, dining and shopping
From JPY 10,347
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  Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka
Smart Saver Standard, adjacent railway station and subway
From JPY 8,152
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  Kyoto Royal Hotel
3 nights 30%OFF, located in the key shopping, entertainment and restaurant district of Kyoto City
From JPY 6,086
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Japan Travel Guide

Tokyo Tokyo

Tokyo may just be the most exciting city on earth combining the natural, the ancient and the ultra-modern all in one dynamic metropolis. The capital city since 1868 has been rebuilt twice in modern history. Read More...

Japan Hotels: Where to Stay in Japan? Japan Hotels: Where to Stay in Japan

Japan hotels and resorts at the best rates, from Five Stars resorts such as Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo to budget accommodation, you are sure to find the accommodation you are looking for. Read More...

Osaka Osaka

Japan’s third largest city, Osaka has a unique identity characterized by a penchant for good food and lively fun. Ever since Toyotomi Hideyoshi built Osaka Castle in 1586, Osaka has been a prominent merchant city. Read More...

Nagoya Nagoya

Japan’s fourth largest city, Nagoya is an economic powerhouse, home to the nation’s auto manufacturing giants Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi. Historically Nagoya played a role as a castle town of the Owari. Read More...

Kyoto Kyoto

To really discover the beauty and grace of Japan you need to visit the ancient imperial capital Kyoto. Originally Heian-kyo, capital of peace and tranquility, Kyoto was modeled after the Tang Chinese city of Chang-an in a simple checkerboard design. Read More...

Kobe Kobe

Kobe has a long history of welcoming outsiders to its shores, being one of the first ports in Japan to open to trade in 1868 after two centuries of isolation. The results of this open-door policy remain today in its historic foreign settlement area. Read More...


Nara Nara

During its 74-year reign as Japan’s first capital, Nara flourished to become one of Asia’s grandest cities. As the far eastern destination for the Silk Road, Nara absorbed ideas from other mainland Asian countries and developed into the grand diocese of Buddhism. Read More...

Sapporo Sapporo

Sapporo is a lively fast-growing city, home to spectacular festivals, most famously the Sapporo Snow Festival which is held annually in the city’s central Odori Park where huge scenes and structures are constructed entirely out of snow. Read More...

Japan Maps Japan Maps

Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as well as attractions, landmarks and other items of interest with links to relevant information pages. Read More...

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