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Where and What to Eat in Japan

Fresh seafood and dining out in Japan are inseparable. After all, where else in the world can you find conveyor-belt sushi? Known for their longevity, the Japanese enjoy their food immensely and, in general, still manage to keep the ingredients healthy.

Of course if you’re hankering after western food it’s there to be found in fast-food outlets and in British-style pubs but the Japanese cuisine experience – from delicious wagyu beef to raw seafood – is striking and typically meals are served in multi-dish style with small portions but a wide choice of items. So from innovative teppanyaki cuisine to tempura to giant prawns to seared salmon, countrywide you’ll find a great culinary tradition to explore.

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Japan Restaurants A-Z By Area

Tokyo Restaurants

Tokyo Restaurants A-Z

When it comes to dining out in Tokyo, there is no shortage of variety. With en estimated 60,000 restaurants in Japan’s Read More...

Kyoto Restaurants

Kyoto Restaurants A-Z

Kyoto in general is not an ideal place for tourists on a tight budget. If hungry visitors spend enough time checking and Read More...

Osaka Restaurants

Osaka Restaurants A-Z

Fondly known as the ‘kitchen of Japan’ the Kansai region has an abundance of dining options offering everything from Read More...

Nara Restaurants

Nara Restaurants A-Z

While the majority of Nara restaurants still focus on ultra-healthy Japanese cuisine (Japan has the highest life Read More...

Sapporo Restaurants

Sapporo Restaurants A-Z

In a city this large and cosmopolitan it really isn’t that hard to find good international and traditional local Read More...

Kobe Restaurants

Kobe Restaurants A-Z

While dining in Kobe may lack the world recognition that Tokyo enjoys, there is certainly no shortage of variety or Read More...

Nagoya Restaurants

Nagoya Restaurants A-Z

Nagoya’s restaurants are rich in traditional dishes such as misokatsu (fried pork cutlets with rich, red miso sauce), Read More...

What to Eat in Japan

What to Eat in Japan

A typical Japanese meal is based on combining staples; rice or noodles are almost always served with soup, pickles and Read More...

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