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Looking for the best accommodation in Japan? Simply consult our price listings and go into the details of what is available and you'll find the ideal stay in whatever location you desire. It couldn't be easier!

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  1. InterContinental Osaka 4.7/ 5
  2. Hilton Tokyo Odaiba 4.3/ 5
  3. Hotel Granvia Kyoto 4.5/ 5
  4. Hotel Okura Tokyo 4.6/ 5
  5. Kyoto Hotel Okura 4.5/ 5
  6. Hyatt Regency Tokyo 4.4/ 5

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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Hotel MyStays Asakusa   Tokyo 44.62 USD
  Wind Jacket Lodge   Hakuba  
  Shinjuku City Hotel N U T S Tokyo   Tokyo 8261 JPY
  Tsu Miyako Hotel   Nagoya 13043 JPY


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  BEST WESTERN Hotel Fino Oita   Oita 26.15 USD
  Best Western Hotel Fino Osaka Shinsaibashi   Osaka 66.28 USD
  Best Western Shinjuku Astina Hotel Tokyo   Tokyo 116.26 USD
  Chisun Hotel Kobe   Kobe 38.18 USD
  Hakata Miyako Hotel   Fukuoka 41.08 USD
  Hotel AGORA Osaka Moriguchi   Osaka 70.82 USD
  Hotel Honnoji   Kyoto 53.30 USD
  Hotel Kintetsu Aqua Villa Ise Shima   Ise Shima 106.24 USD
  Hotel Kintetsu Universal City   Osaka 181.75 USD
  Hotel Monterey Sapporo   Sapporo 82.16 USD
  Kanazawa Miyako Hotel   Kanazawa 52.48 USD
  Karasuma Kyoto Hotel   Kyoto 104.82 USD
  Kinuura Grand Hotel   Nagoya 51.00 USD
  Kyoto Garden Hotel   Kyoto 58.20 USD
  Mercure Hotel Narita   Narita - Tokyo International Airport 38.95 USD
  Miyako Hotel New Archaic   Osaka 54.19 USD
  Narita Gateway Hotel   Narita - Tokyo International Airport 39.13 USD
  Narita U-city Hotel   Narita - Tokyo International Airport 31.17 USD
  Okinawa Nahana Hotel & Spa   Okinawa 88.14 USD
  Oriental Hotel Hiroshima   Hiroshima 53.01 USD
  Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo   Tokyo 530.08 USD
  Shiba Park Hotel   Tokyo 147.57 USD
  Sotetsu Fresa Inn Nihombashi-Ningyocho   Tokyo 69.05 USD
  Sotetsu Fresa Inn Shimbashi - Hibiyaguchi   Tokyo 121.12 USD
  Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo-Toyocho   Tokyo 95.62 USD
  the b hachioji -formerly Hachioji Plaza Hotel   Tokyo 59.94 USD
  the b ikebukuro   Tokyo 106.23 USD
  the b kobe   Kobe 70.11 USD
  the b nagoya   Nagoya 50.77 USD
  the b ochanomizu   Tokyo 60.55 USD
  the b sangenjaya   Tokyo 102.30 USD
  White Horse Arctic Hotel   Niigata  
  Yokkaichi Miyako Hotel   Ise Shima 77.91 USD
  Allure   Hakuba 11070 JPY


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Gifu Miyako Hotel   Gifu 81.45 USD
  Hotel AGORA Regency Sakai   Osaka 99.16 USD
  Hotel Grand Fresa Akasaka   Tokyo 84.99 USD
  Hotel Granvia Hiroshima   Hiroshima 77.64 USD
  Hotel Granvia Kyoto   Kyoto 235.59 USD
  Hyatt Regency Tokyo   Tokyo 210.35 USD
  Kyoto Royal Hotel And Spa   Kyoto 155.82 USD
  Mercure Hotel Ginza Tokyo   Tokyo 143.04 USD
  Mercure Hotel Yokosuka   Kanagawa 58.99 USD
  Mercure Sapporo   Sapporo 59.84 USD
  Nagoya Tokyu Hotel   Nagoya 73.66 USD
  Okinawa Miyako Hotel   Okinawa 59.67 USD
  One Niseko Resort Towers   Niseko 67.63 USD
  Park Hotel Tokyo   Tokyo 168.65 USD
  Radisson Hotel Narita   Narita - Tokyo International Airport 42.14 USD
  Ruby Chalet   Niseko  
  Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo   Tokyo 168.28 USD
  Tennoji Miyako Hotel   Osaka 75.57 USD
  the b akasaka-mitsuke   Tokyo 132.55 USD
  the b akasaka   Tokyo 81.09 USD
  the b roppongi   Tokyo 135.03 USD
  The Westin Osaka   Osaka 247.89 USD
  ANA Hotel Sapporo   Sapporo 100261 JPY


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka   Osaka 206.51 USD
  Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo   Tokyo 237.97 USD
  Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo   Tokyo 135.04 USD
  Nara Hotel   Nara 258.26 USD
  Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel   Tokyo 168.21 USD
  Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka   Osaka 99.16 USD
  Swissotel Nankai   Osaka 251.44 USD
  The Westin Miyako Kyoto   Kyoto 214.18 USD
  The Westin Tokyo   Tokyo 252.42 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  ANA Crowne Plaza Narita   Narita - Tokyo International Airport 66.94 USD
  Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka   Osaka 134.56 USD
  International Garden Hotel Narita   Narita - Tokyo International Airport 41.03 USD
  Sunmarina Hotel   Okinawa 191.22 USD
  the b hakata   Fukuoka 52.88 USD
  Sunny Side Hut   Hakuba 11304 JPY

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