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  • Sapporo

    Everything you Need to Know about Sapporo

    The capital of Hokkaido, Sapporo is a lively fast-growing city, home to spectacular festivals, most famously the Sapporo Snow Festival which is held annually in the city’s central Odori Park where huge scenes and structures are constructed entirely out of ice. This festival overlaps with the Sapporo White Illumination, when strings of white lights adorn Odori Park creating a truly magical scene. Dress carefully though as the prevailing winter winds blowing in from Siberia can see the temperature drop to -30C.

    Well known for its ramen, beer and snow, Sapporo’s tourist attractions include an open air Historic Village which depicts life in days gone by, the former Olympic ski jump stadium is a popular photo opportunity and the Sapporo Beer Museum is a favourite for obvious reasons.

    The extraordinary countryside lying outside the city is idyllic for nature lovers with the Hokkaido landscape presenting wonderful opportunities for hiking, camping during the warmer months and exhilarating skiing conditions during winter.

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    1. Sapporo Grand Hotel 4.4/ 5
    2. Hotel Monterey Sapporo 4.2/ 5
    3. Best Western Hotel Fino Sapporo 4.1/ 5
    4. Mitsui Garden Hotel Sapporo 4.3/ 5
    5. Mercure Hotel Sapporo 4.5/ 5
    6. Hotel Sunroute New Sapporo 4.0/ 5
    7. Cross Hotel Sapporo 4.3/ 5
    8. Century Royal Hotel 4.3/ 5
    9. Sapporo Park Hotel 4.4/ 5
    10. Dormy Inn PREMIUM Sapporo 4.5/ 5
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