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Where to Shop and What to Buy in Japan

It’s as though Japan took the once-new idea of shopping malls and ran with it, with natural enthusiasm. As a result, shopping is an integral part of modern-day Japan and mega-stores, malls, arcades, supermarkets and even humble 7-Elevens (a Japanese innovation) are woven into everyday life.

Of course when one contemplates shopping in Japan one naturally thinks first of electronic goods, high-tech and other Japanese playthings but good textiles can be found, as well as a plethora of handicrafts, dolls, glassware and of course cutting edge youngsters’ fashion items and accessories. Not to be forgotten are the quirky 100-Yen shops, selling just about everything for the same price.

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Japan Shopping A-Z By Area

Tokyo Shopping

Tokyo Shopping A-Z

Walk into any Tokyo shop and you’ll hear “irasshaimase”: a big welcome! One of the most exciting and diverse Read More...

Kyoto Shopping

Kyoto Shopping A-Z

Kyoto is a great place to visit because of its significant history and just loads of shopping options. If your Kyoto Read More...

Osaka Shopping

Osaka Shopping A-Z

Historically a merchant city Osaka has a reputation for good quality merchandise for all budgets. From the warrens of Read More...

Kobe Shopping

Kobe Shopping A-Z

Kobe is an excellent place to shop, especially if you're short on time since most of its best shopping destinations are Read More...

Nagoya Shopping

Nagoya Shopping A-Z

The shopping scene in Nagoya ranges from big department stores to street and flea markets and a whole lot more in Read More...

Sapporo Shopping

Sapporo Shopping A-Z

As in most large modern Japanese cities, shopping malls are the predominate choice of location for purchasing souvenirs Read More...

Nara Shopping

Nara Shopping A-Z

Nara’s shopping choices surprises many with its wide variety of goods – so much so that many regret that they didn’t Read More...

What to Buy in Japan

What to Buy in Japan

Make no mistake; Japan has some weird and wonderful products you will never see anywhere else in the world, like the Read More...

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