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    Everything you Need to Know about Akasaka - Tokyo

    The corridors of power course through Akasaka streets. Located adjacent to the Kasumigaseki political nerve centre of Japan, Akasaka is home to the Prime Minister’s official residence and the National Diet Building which houses the legislature of the Japanese government. Numerous ministries and embassies also inhabit the area. There is a strong business presence in Akasaka being an area of multi-national corporate headquarters plus the unmistakable TBS Broadcast Centre, colloquially called ‘Big Hat’.

    Akasaka is just a short distance from the Imperial Palace and has a number of historical sites including the Hie-jinja and Toyokawa-inari shrines both offering a rare taste of tranquility in the city’s busiest business area. Once a celebrated entertainment district today Akasaka restaurants and nightspots are frequented by politicians and executives. High-class international and Japanese dining and exclusive sake bars are typical of Akasaka.

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