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  • Akasaka


    The corridors of power course through Akasaka streets. Located adjacent to the Kasumigaseki political nerve centre of Japan, Akasaka is home to the Prime Minister’s Read More...

  • Akihabara


    In one of the world’s most technologically advanced cities Akihabara is the a technological mecca teeming with shops and sound rooms selling all the latest electronic Read More...

  • Aoyama


    Popular with artists, writers and Tokyo’s creative types, Aoyama lies between Akasaka and Shibuya. Known for its iconic architecture in the form of chic boutiques, large Read More...

  • Ginza


    Named after a silver coin mint established in 1612, Ginza has the reputation of being one of the world’s most extravagant and luxurious shopping districts. Stories of Read More...

  • Harajuku


    Between chic Aoyama and the lively Shibuya, Harajuku with its labyrinth of back streets is a kaleidoscope of youth culture. Take a stroll down Takeshita Street and witness Read More...

  • Odaiba


    Odaiba, also known simply as Daiba, is an island situated in the mouth of Tokyo Bay. During the 1980s Odaiba was the scene of a massive redevelopment project that turned the Read More...

  • Roppongi


    Since war times Roppongi has been the centre of international diversity in Tokyo. The heavy US military presence after the war prompted the first western oriented shops and Read More...

  • Shibuya


    After the 1964 Olympics the Shibuya area really began to grow into the party town it is today. Popular with Tokyo’s young and trendy set, Shibuya is the place to see Read More...

  • Shinjuku


    To stand in a thoroughfare of Shinjuku Station is a surreal experience. With over 2 million passengers passing through the station every day, it is a constant sea of people Read More...

  • Ueno


    Ueno is the historic and educational quarter of Tokyo with the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, The National Science Museum, the Royal Museum, plus the Tokyo National Museum all Read More...

Hotel Quick Finder | Select the date of your stay

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