Tokyo Restaurants

Where to Eat in Tokyo

When it comes to dining out in Tokyo, there is no shortage of variety. With en estimated 60,000 restaurants in Japan’s capital, there is something for every palate and price range, from the high-priced delights of Nobu Matsuhisa, to fresh sushi served at the famous Tsukiji Market. To the delight of many tourists, dining out in Tokyo is relatively affordable.

Lunch is an excellent time to try new restaurants, as prices are typically half the dinnertime equivalent in exclusive areas such as Ginza and Harajuku. Lunchtime is also a great opportunity to join in the multiple queues which form all over the city for bento-boxes (lunchboxes packed with a selection of rice, vegetables, and shellfish). 

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Akasaka Restaurants

Akasaka Restaurants A-Z

Once a celebrated entertainment district, Akasaka restaurants have remained diverse presenting a wide variety of Read More...

Akihabara Restaurants

Akihabara Restaurants A-Z

Akihabara is not really known for its dining as much as for its technological prowess however there are a number of good Read More...

Aoyama Restaurants

Aoyama Restaurants A-Z

After a long day of shopping in one of Tokyo’s premier commercial centres, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to Read More...

Ginza Restaurants

Ginza Restaurants A-Z

Dining in the Ginza area offers something for everyone. Being an internationally diverse area the restaurants include Read More...

Harajuku Restaurants

Harajuku Restaurants A-Z

Harajuku comprises a labyrinth of back streets with a kaleidoscope of youth culture. A hustling hive of activity by day Read More...

Odaiba Restaurants

Odaiba Restaurants A-Z

The Odaiba landscape is dominated by the three enormous shopping malls, Aqua City, Decks Tokyo Beach and Venus Fort, Read More...

Roppongi Restaurants

Roppongi Restaurants A-Z

Roppongi restaurants are dominated by the more social dining options of shabu-shabu, teppanyaki and okonomiyaki. The Read More...

Shibuya Restaurants

Shibuya Restaurants A-Z

Shibuya is home to a plethora of restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets. Being a busy shopping district, there Read More...

Shinjuku Restaurants

Shinjuku Restaurants A-Z

If you are in Shinjuku, you are in one of the busiest areas of one of the busiest city in the world. Shinjuku has many Read More...

Ueno Restaurants

Ueno Restaurants A-Z

An older part of the city, Ueno is full of old-world Japanese charm. The restaurants in the area are also influenced Read More...

Japanese Food & Dishes

Japanese Food & Dishes

Itadakimasu! A typical Japanese meal is based on combining staples; rice or noodles are almost always served with soup, Read More...

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